Charles Manson And His Women

Charles Manson certainly had a way with the ladies. While a lot of guys have to trick one woman into giving them a second date, he got multiple women to have sex, no strings attached, then go out and randomly cut up celebrities in his name.

One died in prison (Susan Atkins). Another (Patricia Krenwinkel) remains in prison. A third cut a deal at the time and stayed out of prison (Linda Kasabian). And a fourth (Leslie Van Houten) spent around 46 years in prison before a parole board decided in April that multiple brutal drug-induced murders constituted a non-violent offender.

Yes, that’s right, ladies and gents, a Charles Manson knife-wielding conduit is once again free, ready to mingle, and coming to a singles bar near you, according to the Washington Post (paraphrasing). To be fair, Van Houten was the youngest of Charles Manson’s demonic women, and we suppose that if he could convince older and more experienced ladies he wasn’t a loon, then why not an impressionable Leslie?

Nevertheless, she did help to slaughter a married couple about 50 years ago and write on walls in their blood. If 19, then why not 66? Before you start sending her your Annoying Celebrity kill lists, though, you should probably know that the system is okay with turning her loose. In 46 years, no infractions, they said. Sure, it’ll be fun, they said. Let’s just see if we can keep her away from the drugs and deranged hippies this time, shall we?

(Featured Image: Wikipedia Commons)