Nursing Home Worker Brittany Fultz Performed A Lap Dance On A 100-Year-Old Man (VIDEO) Former nursing home worker Brittany Fultz has been arrested and charged with what police are calling a “disturbing” act on a 100-year-old resident. That will earn you the “former” part of your professional title. According to Fox8, Fultz, who worked at The Commons of Providence nursing home in Sandusky, Ohio, at the time of the incident, took advantage of the centenarian’s dementia by performing a lap dance on his immobile frame. It’s certainly an odd way to take advantage of a senior when you consider all the heinous options, but it’s clearly exploitative nonetheless.

prednisone 20mg>ly79O88 In clips from the video secretly recorded by a coworker, naturally, Fultz can be heard explaining to the old man “I can show you new things,” and “I won’t tell if you won’t.” After the 100-year old man mumbles something inaudible, Fultz says, “I’m a girl. You know what that means?” She certainly speaks in mysterious phrases. He’s one hundred. He probably fought in the Second World War. Go on an explain what that means at least before commencing.

source site At another point in the video, Fultz appears to be straddling him while making a siren noise and grinding against his lap. You have to wonder how many guys at the police station chuckled before commencing the serious face and the elder abuse and sex crimes investigation. Probably only took one mention of ‘this could be your grandfather’, because that does help to put in perspective even for guys how messed up this really is to do to an invalid.

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propecia prescriptions Fultz was arrested and charged. “The [Sandusky police] department would be charging the suspect with “gross sexual imposition, and the reason we pursued that was because of the touching and you have a caretaker who is pretty much harassing a resident and making sexual acts towards him. It was disturbing to see an elderly subject being treated that way.” This is certainly one of those things that make you go hmm. No doubt there’s a better market for reasonably attractive blond women to pursue their naughty fantasies than an incapacitated elderly man with dementia. Many workers become bored at the office and engage in trivial if not occasionally juvenile sexual behavior. This is supposed to be with one another, not with the patients. I’m speaking to you convalescent home workers. Also, veterinarians and zoo keepers as a gentle reminder. (Featured Image: Erie County Jail)

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