Melanie Oliver may not have picked the best profession for her life in medicine. See, when you work in anything nursing related, you are considered a caregiver, which means you actually have to give care to people in need.

Oliver, a nurse’s aid, was with a patient who needed more care than most … a quadriplegic.

The “quad” in that means the patient was unable to move all four limbs. Unfortunately, Oliver took that helplessness to mean “easy target.”

Melanie Oliver at sentencing. Image via Dayton Daily News.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Melanie Oliver took advantage of her patient and actually burned her with a lighter “near her genitals,” according to the report.

The 35-year-old woman recently pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony of patient endangerment after she was first indicted for felonious assault while working for Alliance Healthcare Partners LLC.

“I would just like to say that I still have nightmares about that night,” said the victim, whose name was withheld from the press. “I actually have a scar on my body, and every time the skin gets a little bit irritated or anything happens in that area, the skin breaks down.”

Unfortunately, it gets a whole lot worse than the lighter, at least if the rest of the accusations are true. Apparently Oliver had her way with the victim by kissing her and at one point straddling her face. Injuries “were observed near the patient’s anus and vaginal areas,” the report stated.

Furthermore, while the victim was in the hospital, Oliver dropped by to try her hand at more abuse presumably, but was denied access. She returned a bit later wearing a disguise.

As awful as all of this sounds, you might be surprised to find out Oliver only received a sentence of six months for her crime. The victim stated she believes that Oliver needs help. Can you say “understatement”?

In addition to the 180 days in prison, Oliver will no longer be allowed to work with or provide medical care of any kind to disabled persons. That will show her.

(Featured Image: Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office)