Nurse Adele Rennie Posed as Male Doctor To Catfish Women, A First!

prezzo levitra 20 mg online From the, and you thought you’d heard of everything files… a female nurse in Scotland posed as a male doctor on social media, and even voice modulated telephone calls, to meet women online she met at her hospital and seek out naked photos of them. Apparently, the convincing women you’re a doctor is the hard part. Convincing them to send you nude photographs is the easier half. All told, ten women did such for Adele Rennie, who it’s not quite clear whether she delighted in the naked photos of women or got off on merely playing them for fools. Or perhaps both.
Model Abbie Draper

see One of the women that Rennie targeted was a former Scottish beauty pageant contestant, Abbie Draper. Draper was visiting Rennie’s hospital on multiple occasions to see her ailing grandfather, taken care of nurse wise by Rennie. That’s when she added Draper to her list of intended targets, contacted her pretending to be a male doctor from the hospital, and started striking up a relationship.

dove acquistare viagra generico a Genova At some point a friend of Draper’s became suspicious of the fake Facebook account and fake photos being used to contact her beauty queen friend and did some digging. That’s when Draper came to realize this was a fake account and ultimately, traced it back to her grandfather’s creepy nurse. That’s got to be quite the humanity soul searching revelation.

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here Rennie was arrested and held for trial on various acts of being a super horrible person and nurse. She’s awaiting full sentencing in the courts for her crimes. In the interim, she’s been placed on the sex offenders registry and become famous the world over as the nurse who posed as a doctor to catfish other women. If you live long enough, you will see everything.

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