North Texas Middle School Teacher Busted for Soliciting Young Student on Snapchat Where there is illicit teen behavior, or the seduction of young people by older people, there is Snapchat. I know the Founder made a billion and married Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, but his app may be to underaged vice and porn, what Hasbro’s Perfection game was to create millions of anxious Americans children. The ultimate weapon. I guess he doesn’t care much when he’s on his yacht with his naked supermodel. I know I wouldn’t.

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disount us pharmacy accutane Another day, another female teacher arrested for forbidden passions, namely, side effects to lasix Julie Jenkins Brewer, 45, a Texas middle school reading teacher taken into custody at school by police investigating what are only being described as extremely inappropriate text and Snapchat messages to a minor student. She teachers 7th and 8th grade, but the precise age, and gender, of the student in question has not been revealed. Though, naturally, I will find out, with my offer of donuts and coffee to the local cops. Cliches never fail, rarely never.

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levitra price The principal of Coppell Middle School West was quick to point out that under no circumstances are teachers allowed to communicate with students on unapproved devices or channels, which would include personal cellphones and, obviously, Snapchat, where teachers go to send naked photos to their kids. That alone is an excuse for being booted out of school. The solicitation and what obviously must be sexually suggestive messages to a kid will get you arrested. As Brewer was, and charged with online solicitation of a minor.

source site Brewer has taught for more than 20 years in the district and I’m going to guess is a teacher everybody would have picked out as the least likely to be trying to get into the pants of a young teen student. Her social media pages are filled with the doting, loving, saccharin sweet photos, memes, and charitable promotions of one seriously amazing and dedicated teacher. But she just couldn’t help herself. We are certainly seeing a ton of that.

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