Norma Juarez Taha Arrested

Norma Juarez Taha is facing kidnapping charges after allegedly detaining a woman against her will. Authorities told KVIA that it was believed Taha took such drastic measures because the other woman had “brought shame to the Muslim community and should return to Libya.” Taha was described as a “Mexican Muslim” woman and a teacher at the nearby Islamic Center of El Paso.

The Islamic Center released a statement condemning Taha’s charges, claiming that the suspect had represented herself “in a very positive and upstanding manner in the past within our community.

The statement continues, adding that the Center is “shocked and surprised at the news of this event.”

“Despite being a member of our community, the charges she is accused of are her individual actions and are not endorsed nor condoned by the Islamic Center of El Paso,” the statement concludes.

According to the report, Taha allegedly kidnapped the victim from her bedroom in the early morning hours of Feb. 13. Court docs state that when the victim awoke, Taha was in the process of restraining her in bed and trying to gag her with tape. Before she could accomplish her mission, the victim screamed.

Taha — known to the family as “Sister Norma” — had been asked to counsel the young woman because the family had reportedly grown concerned about the young woman’s behaviors. Not sure what those behaviors were, but since we’re talking religion here, it could range from the reckless to the mildly disconcerting. Given that Sister Norma was seen as some kind of authority, we’ve got a sawbuck on the latter.

Anyhow, Taha detained the young woman into a van and admitted to injecting her with a “mixture of muscle-relaxing pills and water.” She was also said to have used a pistol in the kidnapping, but claimed it was “for protection.” Another unidentified Hispanic woman was said to have aided Taha in the kidnapping.

(Featured Image: Sinclair Broadcast)