MTV’s Nilsa Prowant Arrested for Topless Flashing in Public

see Here’s how the casting for MTV reality shows goes, approximately, or exactly. Are you a woman in your 20’s, do you drink heavily, make poor decisions, and have fake breasts and passable looks? You’re hired! So it is of no great surprise that so many of the young women, and men, from MTV reality shows, end up arrested, drug-addicted, or plain ole dead. The point of these shows is to show stupid people with nice bodies getting loaded and fighting or falling down. I’m not against it. I’m merely honest.

Yes, that’s the same Nilsa Prowant standing next to normal sized dudes (photo courtesy: TMZ)

viagra juice Nilsa Prowant, 25, is a cast member as it were of the MTV show, Floribama Shore. It’s a wonderful offshoot of Jersey Shore, which made MTV an incredible amount of money. Young drunk shore kids slosh back booze and hopefully punch or procreate on camera. It’s a freak show, without any real nudity.

At least until the cameras are off. Or are they ever off for these Truman Show rejects?

Nilsa Prowant was arrested by St. Petersburg, Florida cops after she got wasted, went up to the balcony of a bar, and started flashing her large fake breasts (see her high school cheerleading photos for a chest before and after). Actually, to the cops credit, they weren’t going to arrest Prowant at all. But she gave them no choice.

Nilsa, as a HS cheerleader, before the chesty upgrade.

The police escorted drunk Prowant with her top back on down to her friend’s car for removal home. That’s when Prowant went drunk psycho chick and kicked out the windows of her friend’s car, sending glass into the street. That’s simply not possible for cops to ignore, because now you look like an ass for letting it go.

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Prowant was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and public exposure for the titty show on the balcony earlier. That combo in Florida is more informally known as a “Monday Night”.

It’s quite possible MTV camera crews were filming the entire incident for a “dramatic explosive episode” of Floribama Shore. If you watch, please understand, you just passed the stupid test.

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