New Jersey Special Ed Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student

click The female teacher having sex with student news beat is one that never sleeps. Or never ends these days. Alexandra Reiner, 30, a special education teacher at Rancocas Valley Regional High School was arrested today on charges of having sexual relations this past December with a male student at the school. The age of the boy has not been released to protect his identity, though trust that his friends know, and friends of friends, and likely the entire school. Somebody tipped off the school administrators this past week who turned the information over to the local police.

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enter The arrest records reflect that the sexual contact took place in both Mount Holly and Lumberton, New Jersey. This could mean two separate incidents, or one wild ride in the car on the same evening. The location of the sex itself can dictate who prosecutes, though all of the shtupping seems to have occurred in Burlington County. Somebody had their illicit sex GPS working that evening.

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prednisone 10mg Reiner was charged with Sexual Assault (Second Degree) and Endangering the Welfare of a Child (Second Degree). She was transported to an Atlantic City jail where they house predatory female teachers and drunk guys who still try to ride horses off of platforms into pools. It’s a weird combo, but the jail is typically full on weekends. We’re at the point in this female teacher sex phenomena where certainly these ladies have seen other women, likely within their own school or area, arrested for similar acts, losing their jobs, and often doing prison time now. Yet they still seek out that taboo flesh. It’s almost like they’re men. Strike a victory for gender equality in the compulsive sexual behavior category.

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