New Jersey Sister Kills Her Twin Over a Dude

viagra infection computer Anytime a news story starts out with a 27-year old single mother of three, one child as old as 12, I’m pretty sure what follows will not be an inspiring happy ending. When that same individual is hanging out drinking at 4 am, that is most assuredly going to be an unkind conclusion.

What you don’t expect is the twin sister of that woman to be standing over her lifeless body with a bloody knife in her hand. But, such is the case of the tragic end to Anna Ramirez, of Camden, New Jersey, allegedly knifed to death at around 5 am last early Saturday morning, or a continuation of a hangout from Friday night.

Taken but maybe two hours before Amanda (upper) killed her sister Anna (lower)

Only an hour or two before losing her life, Anna posted a pic to social media of she and her twin, Amanda Ramirez, also a single mom, smiling and hanging out with two guys in a selfie. Police surmise that the twin sisters were both in love with the same guy, no clue if it’s one of the guys in the photo or not, and that let to Amanda taking a knife and plunging it into her sister’s torso. That’s not recommended for general health.

Anna never quite made it to the hospital. She was pronounced dead along the way. But not before she named her sister, Amanda, as her killer. That helps.

Friends and family are naturally shocked by this intra-twin murder. Even if you thought these two were not headed for great things given their interest in bad men and reproductive proclivity, you never expected sororicide. The twins variety.

Amanda cried a lot in court during her arraignment, after killing her better looking, more slender sister. Because that’s so cliche. Also, prison for 20 years sucks.

Now you have two sets of bastard children who will grow up without their drinking, vengeful, violent moms to guide them. And expect the dads are worse. Murder most foul. I doubt he was worth it.

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