New Jersey Corrections Officer, Avril Richardson, Arrested for Having Sex With a Prison Inmate

enter site Northern State Prison seems like a pretty lousy place to live for a year or more, even by Newark, New Jersey standards. Not much to do save for weights, cable TV, a library, and, obviously, shower beatdowns and forcible sodomy on Saturday evenings. One inmate at the prison lucked out when a female corrections officer, Avril Richardson, 47, took an interest in him to the point the pair started conducting conjugal visit type activities with one another starting in 2016

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go to site Naturally, the twin prime directives of being a correctional officer is not to kill or sexually hump a prison inmate, and the killing you can probably explain away. You had to expect way back when when they began allowing women to work in men’s prisons and institutions, that there would be some level of shtupping going on. Perhaps rare, but these sexual relationships somehow seem to lead to inmate escape stories, with the naive woman waiting on the outside in an Subaru thinking her life is about to get way better. 

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get link Richardson was arrested and charged with second-degree sexual assault, which is the penal code standard for boffing an inmate felon for a couple years on and off. Imagine that prisons are like high school, where if somebody is getting action, the entire school knows by end of the day. Somebody ratted and there goes the career and pension of Avril Richardson.

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