viagra no prescription online Morton Middle School teacher, Amy Nowaczyk, 26, was facing upwards of 50 years on first degree sexual assault of a minor, when she turned her not guilty into a guilty plea that saw her crimes whittled down to attempted sex with a minor and a couple online enticement charges. That’s how you turn 50 years into 1-2 years in state prison in Nebraska, meaning you can be out in six months for good behavior. You can make up your own mind as to whether or not gender discrimination played a significant role in her significantly beneficial plea deal.

follow The middle school teacher was fingered, as it were, this past Spring, with allegations that she was having sex with a student in the school. The precise sex acts are unknown, though oral sex seems to be the consensus opinion among those who leak information from courthouses. That and sending photos of her bare breasts, such as those might be appealing, to the 13-year old she enticed into the sexual acts. Everybody involved including the school has been quite hush hush on any details of the illicit relations. No word from Amy’s fiancé as to the state of wedding plans.


watch Suffice it to say, we are seeing the boys in these stories getting quite young in multiple cases. While there is the cliche now tale of the hunky high school football captain bedding the lusty English teacher, there are now more and more middle school aged boys barely reaching puberty succumbing easily to the sexual flirtations of their troubled and horny female lady teachers. We’ll stay on top of this trend with our super computers crunching the numbers.