Navasota High School Has a Female Teacher Sex Problem

follow Less than two weeks ago, Navasota, Texas high school teacher, Jennifer Drushel, 30, was arrested for an improper relationship with a student at the local high school where she taught Forensic Science. That basically boils down to having sex with a boy who was 18, but a crime that remains a felony due to the fact that teachers are told they can’t bump uglies with their teen students even when they reach the legal age limit for sexual consent. Drushel was first reported for providing liquor to the student, that led to the discovery of inappropriate texts, which, naturally, led to the charges related to the improper relations. A whole lot of euphemisms there.

levitra super active use directions At the time of Drushel’s arrest on January 14th, and her ex-communication from the school district, Dr. Stu Musick, the school superintendent, cited the obvious fact that until a teacher commits their first sex crime, there’s no way to know if they are a sex criminal when you hire them. Ipso facto or something like that. Hence, you can’t blame a school for hiring a future felon. That’s an iffy standard.

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follow url Even more iffy, now less than two weeks later, that same Dr. Musick informed the public that another female teacher at the school was being investigated for “improper electronic communications” with a student a year ago; that student currently no longer at the school. This time Musick was quick to note that nothing physical came to pass between the teacher and student, and that this teacher’s case is unrelated to Drushel’s. Though it seems likely that this second teacher’s misdeeds came to light as a result of the Drushel fallout at the school.

order usa viagra online No word was given on the identity of the second teacher as she’s not yet been charged with a crime, and likely won’t be for merely sending naughty texts, though she likely will be losing her job at the school. So if you happen to attend Navasota High School about an hour outside of Houston and you notice one of your female teachers no longer there suddenly, that would be the one sending the heavy breathing messages to boys.

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source Most states keep a tight lid on teacher crimes because, well, strong teachers unions. Texas less so so they seem to either be involved in a heavy number of these teacher-student sex cases, or the state and local authorities simply capture and report more of these cases publicly. Impossible to say, though to be on the safe side, if you live in Texas, and you have teen children, when asking them tonight if they finished their homework, also subtly ask if they happen to be receiving nude photos or dirty messages from any of their teachers. The percentage is much higher than zero.
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