source site You can imagine the nightmares in many a Catholic child over the years from nun-related horror stories. I know a woman who as a child was forced to bathe a 90-year old nun as punishment for speaking out of turn in class in Catholic middle school. She still has nightmares of pruny private parts. And that’s perhaps a three out of ten on the nun-horror scale.

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get link But of all the rumors, urban legends, and actual verified nuns-done-hurt-me stories, you rarely hear about nuns ripping off the church to gamble and travel. Nuns on the run. Completely on the down low after grifting their church. Now you have.

prescription drug patent expiration viagra generic Sister Mary Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang, long time teachers and administrators at the St. James Catholic Church in Torrance, California, copped to embezzling up to $500,000 from tuition and other accounts at the school through their many years of tenure at the institution. When we say “copped” we don’t mean to cops, as the Archdiocese, as is its want, refused to press charges against the nuns who admitted to the thievery. They want to handle the matter internally, as you might, say, a massive pedophile priest ring in your midst. It is their right to do so, of course.

free trial of cialis The church issued a statement that they expect the nuns to return the bulk of the money stolen, which either means the church has no concept of how gambling works, or they’re putting on a good face for the public about the matter. Certainly parents who pay tuition to St. James are probably a bit miffed that, in the very least, none of that half-mill went into the school, but rather the bad habits of two very naughty nuns. Photos included to let you know that’s not meant to be the least bit sexually titillating.

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