And the beat goes on. This time, once more in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, where Albany High School English teacher Ashley Meyer, 33, was picked up and arrested for three separate sexual encounters with a victim being described only a a juvenile male. The age of consent laws in Louisiana are beyond complicated, though they tend to make it a crime to have sex with anybody 16 and under if you’re more than a few years older than your partner. A practical people those Louisiana citizens, as 13 is legal, with 15 as a partner. Hence, your middle schools can be quite active.

source url However, Meyer clearly crossed the line at 33 getting jiggy with a teen boy who must be under 17, unless the teacher-student law is in effect here as in many Southern States. So many questions, so little time. Or lots of time eventually for Meyer, booked on three counts of carnal knowledge for sexual acts that occurred beginning in February 2016. No word yet on whether the boy was a student at her Albany High School where the eleven year English teaching vet gave reading lessons. In addition to anatomy lessons after class, clearly. Meyer had previously taught at the local middle school, making it possible this was also a former student of hers who may or may not have now attended Albany.

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acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Firenze Meyers social media accounts and personal website are packed full of her love of reading, the classics largely, plus a little Hunger Games thrown in there. She clearly loved to teach, as reference to the fact she noted it over and over again like a schoolgirl. Or a teacher having sex with a school boy.

prednisone 50 mg “This is my eleventh year teaching English. I absolutely LOVE teaching! I seriously have the greatest job in the world! I graduated cum laude from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2007. My degree is in secondary English education with a concentration in communications.”

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price of generic levitra in mexico What drives these attractive English teachers to live out their storybook romances in the arms of underaged boys remains a mystery. Though not a mystery on your high school reading list. God forbid you ever learn anything practical in High School English. Meyers posted a $75,000 bail bond for immediate release from jail following her booking. Now pending arraignment. Fare-thee-well to you, Ms. Meyer. You’re about to get extended reading time.

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