Another day, another high school Spanish teacher locked up for sex with a student. How they do roll on from day to day, state to state, school to school. But do listen to the New York Times who insist this teacher-student sex thing isn’t a real phenomenon. They’ll catch up in five years and pretend they had it pegged all along.

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viagra tablets no prescription Natasha Patronsky, 24, a first year Spanish teacher at Sidney Lanier High School in Montgomery Alabama, turned herself into authorities last week when she learned of an investigation into her having had sexual relations with a “student under the age of 19”. For those of you not yet familiar with Alabama state laws regarding teacher-student sex, while 19 is at least several years past the age of consent in the state, Alabama like many other Southern states passed a law say no-no-never to teachers and students getting it on, unless the student is at least 19, which means, he or she are unlikely to still be in high school.

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west-ward prednisone 10 mg markings We’ve previously covered Alabama hot and horny for the kids teachers who are challenging this state law on the grounds that every other adult in Alabama gets to have sex legally with teenagers so why not teachers? And that would obviously include the judges in the state, like a certain Roy Moore. Not exactly a landmark civil right these teachers are fighting for, but it could get them out of felony sexual assault convictions and prison sentences. Patronsky is facing up to 20 years under statute, though two max seems more likely.

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go here Not much is known about Patronsky’s background, other than she lived in Panama and that she listed herself as a Christian on some social site, which of course many in the media are calling attention to, as if adults who like to have sex with young flesh might list themselves as “Satainist”, or “pedo” in the religious field of their online profile. Poor Ms. Patronsky, but a couple or three months into her first year of teaching. We hardly knew ya’.