Nashville Mayor Arrested for Felony Theft For Funneling Goodies to Her Police Detail Lover If you don’t think that given the chance, powerful political women, can be every bit as skeevy as their male counterparts, you’re missing out on the better part of human nature understanding. Women may not be as physical aggressive as men, but you can’t deny the corruption by way of unlimited opportunity presented to somebody like Megan Barry, the first female mayor of Nashville, Tennessee and rising star in her own Democratic political party. A married woman herself, Barry was recently outed as having an ongoing affair with Sgt. Robert Forrest, a married police officer assigned to her personal security detail. Watch the movie The Bodyguard to see how the sex goes down in this hot celebrity woman and hunky security guard arrangement. The affair itself and its revelation probably wouldn’t have crushed Barry, at least not for her Mayoral job specifically. But people started digging when the love affair news came out and found that Barry and her cop sidepiece had made a number of trip together overseas, the two of them alone, at the city’s expense. Additionally, Mayor Barry (no, not the “bitch set me up”, DC Mayor Barry), authorized in excess of six figures of overtime salary to Forrest, or several multiples more than any other cop on the detail received. Since some of that overtime pay occurred while shtupping the Mayor in places like Paris, it’s rather misappropriated.

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The Mayor previously apologized to her husband, Bruce — how could he compete with a hunky cop?

follow link Barry resigned herself from the Office of the Mayor at the same time she pled guilty to felony theft for moving public money in excess of ten grand to one or another benefits of her hot cop affair. She’s promised to pay back $11,000 to the city. Forrest pled similarly guilty to one count and agreed to pay back in excess of $40,000 for overtime he earned leaning over the Mayor while supposedly on duty. It’s a mess. You expected more from a 50-something married female mayor (she claims she’s working things out with her husband, though that was pre-resigning from office talk). Though if you expected more, you know nothing about politics.


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