Naked Woman Crash Scene Video Capture

A Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy got more than he bargained for when answering a disturbance call at a Gila Bend, Ariz., gas station around 9 a.m. Thursday morning, Jan. 5. Employees at the station called 911 when a naked woman started bothering people at their place of employment. When the deputy arrived, he broached conversation with the woman, who said she had been sexually assaulted. He then headed back out to “get something out of his car,” Fox 10 Phoenix reports, when the woman darted ahead of him and jumped in the vehicle.

The deputy launched himself onto the truck and was thrown off, sustaining an injury in the process, as she pulled away. The officer, who was not named in the report, was then offered a car by a passing motorist who witnessed the altercation.

As children growing up and dreaming of a job in law enforcement, we’re pretty sure that most cops never envisioned this scenario when they thought of “high-speed chase,” but that is exactly what our hero got. The pursuit, Fox notes, went for approximately 75 miles and involved an unsuccessful attempt at stopping her via the use of spike strips before she finally crashed on her own and had to be pulled from the wreckage.

No names were released, either of the officer or the woman, but both individuals will have some awesome stories to tell in the aftermath — that is, if he can ever live down the humiliation of allowing a naked woman to steal his car and she can ever remember any of it. It will be interesting to get the toxicology reports back on this one.

(Just an aside, but this would be an awesome rom-com. Kate Hudson-Matthew McConaughey, anyone?)

Not sure what the punishment will be for something like this, but the suspect is now in custody if you haven’t already deciphered, presumably under lock, key, and full wardrobe.

(Featured Image: KTLA Helicopter Footage of crash scene)