Mothers Who Bonded Over Pregnancy in Rehab Allegedly Snorted Heroin in Front of Babies Together A common interest is the foundation for many enduring friendships. But sometimes, a shared common interest can be bad. Two Florida women who became friends via their struggle with addiction have been arrested after they allegedly snorted heroin together while their young children sat in the back of the car.

go site June Ann Schweinhart, 28, and Kristen O’Conner, 27, have shared a lot together. They were both expectant monsters in a rehab program, which gave them plenty to bond over. Last week, the pair allegedly paid $60 for heroin after receiving a text from O’Connor’s old dealer, then snorted it in O’Connor’s car, parked in an apartment parking garage. O’Connor told Schweinhart that she should drive the car—a Ford Expedition—as she was the better driver on heroin. Schweinhart pulled out of the garage, but disaster soon struck as O’Connor immediately overdosed and passed out.

June Schweinhart (Boynton Beach Police Department) Schweinhart was able to call 911, but soon began convulsing as well. A passerby was able to complete the call, and officers arrived to find both women passed out in the car in a bank parking lot. However, the grimmest part of this tale is that the women’s babies were present in the car at this time. Had O’Connor not given up the driver’s seat, she might have crashed. And these babies were young: one and two months old, respectively. The babies have since been removed from their mothers’ care and placed with other relatives. Neither mother is allowed to be alone with her baby, and Schweinhart must now take weekly drug tests.

viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Firenze The Boynton Beach Police Department shared the story on their Facebook page “in hopes of preventing it form happening again and prompting anyone addicted to drugs to seek help.” The images show police officers holding the babies in their arms as they waited for relatives to pick them up. Featured Image: Kristen O’Connor (Boynton Beach Police Department)

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