A Michigan woman who blew up a motel room in May has pleaded no contest to her numerous crimes, all stemming from an ill-fated plot to make butane hash oil.

Amanda Skardoutos, 37, was with her two sons in a room at the Green Mill Motel in Manton, Michigan when the fire occurred. She had a small drug lab in the motel and was attempting to make butane hash oil when her chemistry experiment went awry and exploded. The fire hit an underground gas meter, which fueled it further. Skardoutos was so severely injured in the blaze that she had to be hospitalized for three months before she could be taken to jail.


Amanda Skardoutos before the fire. (Facebook)

Her sons—Marcus Thomas, 11, and Brian Thomas Adams, 13—were both injured as well, and both boys are said to still be recovering from the burns they received. The elder boy was sent to Boston, where his father, Robert Adams, is caring for him.

“Closure is something I don’t feel I’m ever going to sustain because my son is going to be suffering with this for the rest of his life. It is a great loss to have to go through this and then have to go through the legal nightmare,” Adams told reporters upon the news of Skardoutos’ plea.

The aftermath of the explosion. (MINews26)

Skardoutos also faced some issues with her bond after she tested positive for amphetamine and was caught attempting to contact one of her children, something that had previously not been allowed as her son was a witness and victim to her boneheaded crime. She will soon be sentenced, and Adams said he hopes it comes with some form of a rehab.

A woman who lived in the unit next to the one Skardoutos blew up said she was happy to have escaped with her children unharmed, but noted she lost everything in the blaze and still has flashbacks to that day.


Featured Image: Amanda Skardoutos (Wexford County Jail)