buy cheap propecia For her role in bullying bullies, Katrina Hunt will serve 100 hours of community service. Katrina is a New Zealand mother who was fed up with her a bunch of alleged mean girls tormenting her daughter, and who decided to take matters into her own, capable hands.

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Torino Katrina’s 16-year-old daughter was being bullied. According to Katrina, there had been a group of about ten teens who participated in the bullying, with Katrina said made her daughter’s life utterly miserable for about a year. According to Katrina’s attorney, the girls had once all been friends, but once the friendship deteriorated, Katrina’s daughter became their target. They bullied her at school and through social media. In response to the abuse, the girl stopped hanging out with anyone and began to hurt herself. Katrina, who also has a 5-year-old special needs son, let the anger bottle inside her until one fateful day when, driving past a liquor store in Cambridge, she thought she saw some of the girls. With her kids in the car, she parked, got out and confronted them. Katrina, who had no prior history of violence, transformed into a mother bear. She slapped one girl across the face, then punched another and tossed her to the ground.

Actual mother bear. (Image via Flicker)
Actual mother bear. (Image via Flicker)

name for generic lasix Katrina’s attorney said she “deeply regretted” her actions and wished she could do it all again without the whole pulling over and attacking teenagers part. You know, a multiverse where she just kept on driving. The family has since moved away from the bullies and the scene of Katrina’s tiny rampage. Katrina told reporters that she’s happy to be elsewhere, though her daughter still receives harassment over social media.

source site My biggest fear though is that this will happen to another girl, someone who is not as strong as my daughter, and she will be tormented until she really does kill herself. That is my biggest fear.”

cialis no prescription The judge in the case pointed out that there is no evidence that the girls Katrina attacked were bullies, but that fact was not part of the trial. Image: A Liquorland store in Cambridge, NZ. Google Maps.