A Swiss national has been accused of keeping her two kids, ages 17 and 15, confined to their home in Spain. Police responded to the home after the elder girl sent an email to the ANAR Foundation, a youth protection agency, begging for help. She also said her mother regularly abused her, hitting her, shoving her and throwing stuff at her.

The mother, 49, and her partner, 30, are both originally from Switzerland, but authorities believe they had been living in Alicante, Spain since 2009. When they first arrived to the home, the mother tried to tell them there were no children living in the house. Her lie unraveled when police spotted the girl making gestures from the hallway. Nice try, mom.

The home (Image: Spanish Civil Guard)
The home (Image: Spanish Civil Guard)

Investigators determined that the teens had never gone to school, and that they spoke only English, despite living in a Spanish-speaking country for several years. The girl said she was only ever allowed to go out to walk the family pets or to pick up an item from the nearby store, but only under her mother’s supervision. Her attempts to escape were hindered by her mother’s threats that police would only rape or kill her, and the part where her mom smashed a cellphone the last time she attempted to seek help.

Both the mother and her partner were arrested, then released as the investigation continues. The girl has returned to Switzerland to be with her biological father while the boy, oddly enough, has gone back home. A judge ruled that unlike his sister, the boy did not suffer physical violence. No word on whether the judge considered the part where the boy has allegedly received no education for the bulk of his young life. Weird, huh?

Image: Flickr