A shocking tale of child abuse emerged over the weekend, thanks to an observant Good Samaritan. Police in Cook County, Illinois received a call last Sunday from a concerned citizen who said they spotted young boy running around outside with a bloody cut over his eye.

When police arrived, they discovered a 7-year-old boy playing in front of the condominium where his family lived. He was clad in a soiled diaper, and one doctor said that the boy had more injuries on his body than he’d ever seen on any single person before.

Image: Google Maps
Image: Google Maps

Police located the boy’s mother, 24-year-old Caroline Woods, and arrested her. They allege that over the last two years, she had kept the boy locked in a closet numerous times, and beat him on multiple occasions. Sometimes, she used a bat; other times, a pole or an extension cord. The little boy said his mother had once burned his genitals with her curling iron, and fed him nothing but protein shakes and canned okra, and not very often. Sometimes, she’d force him to sit on a hot stove, the boy said.

The Department of Children and Family Services has since taken the boy and his 2-year-old sister out of their treacherous mother’s reach and are now investigating Caroline and her boyfriend.

A neighbor told reporters that she had never seen the boy or heard any noise but a baby crying from the apartment.

Image: Cook County Sheriff’s Dept.