follow link This is an odd one. Well, not super odd if you’re knowledgable in the blistering field of competitive athlete Wives and Girlfriends. According to reports, Monika Caryk, the long time girlfriend of Ottawa Senators hockey forward, Mike Hoffman, harassed the hell out of Hoffman’s teammate’s wive so badly online, that the wife sough a restraining order against Caryk, and the Senators moved posthaste to trade Hoffman off the team as soon as the NHL season ended.
The Karlssons

buy levitra over night shipping The blonde hottie Canadian girlfriend, Caryk, allegedly began online harassing the wife of Senators team captain,¬†Erik Karlsson, Melinda Karlsson, starting a year ago, with a tremendous stepping up in the past few months. Melinda Karlsson claims the online nasty comments, attacks, and accusations numbered over one thousand, and were placed from burner social media accounts she is quite certain originated with Monika Caryk. These included such dulcet comments as insisting that Melinda Karlsson’s prescription drug habit was the cause of the Karlsson’s still born child this past Spring. Other comments impugned the reputation of Karlsson and urged somebody to take our her husband’s leg so he could no longer play hockey.

use vitamin a instead of accutane Caryk has denied she’s behind any of the online bullying and vicious commentary, and her decade-long boyfriend Mike Hoffman is standing by her innocence. However, multiple Seantors’ players’ wives have begun to publicly comment that they knew of the malevolent rift between Caryk and Karlsson and are to a woman, standing behind Karlsson’s allegations. The Senators obviously felt similar as they moved Hoffman out of Ottawa ASAP in a multi-party trade that ultimately found Hoffman moved to the Florida Panthers, pretty damn far from Ottawa, though not for a computer.

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Monika Caryk While pro players’ wives and girlfriends are generally only seen publicly united, hosting charity events, or supporting their husbands’ teams, it’s quite well known the infighting, bickering, and feuds going on behind the scenes between these well-off ladies. One or two cable outlets have reality television shows regarding such culture. This type of nastiness seems to rise to a “beyond the pale” level, to the point that the business people in the organization have to step in and make personnel changes. Hoffman may be standing by his girlfriend for now, but assume whatever viciousness she’s been aiming at other team wives will eventually find its way to him. Woe be gone.

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