Sascha Collins Arrest

Sascha Collins, a 36-year-old Indiana woman, could be facing up to 12 years in prison after authorities were informed that she had abused her 7- and 9-year-old kids by her teenage daughter. According to Fox 13 Now, the mom of three lost her mind when she awoke from an alcohol and hydrocodone induced stupor to see that her kids had gotten a little too present-happy on Christmas Eve night. From there, she just started wailing.

When the teen daughter came home, the two boys were crying. She also noticed their little bodies covered in “markings” indicative of a whipping. The girl decided to turn her mother in, something that Hancock County Prosecutor Brent Eaton commended in comments to the press.

“She was put in an incredibly difficult situation,” Eaton said. “There’s a lot of adults put in that same situation maybe they don’t want to say something, they don’t want to rock the boat. She put somebody else’s interests in front of her own and she did what was right.”

Despite the shocking motive and the ferocity of the beatings, the boys did not require medical attention, the Fox report stated. Collins herself said there was “no excuse” for what she did — right before giving one, of course, confessing in court docs that she “loves her children” and “does everything she can for them.” However, they are also “disrespectful” and “out of control,” and because of that, she “just lost it.” Of course, we know that is total BS because Santa does not bring presents to naughty children.

It is unclear what happens to the boys from here, or what will happen if the prosecutor seeks a full 12-year sentence. Usually courts like to see kids stay in the home of a caring close family member, but you never know. Either way, here’s hoping next season is a lot merrier for everyone involved.

(Featured Image: Greenfield Police Department)