Melissa Neale Arrested

Melissa Neale, an Orlando native, is another such mother, who could be nominated for a hypothetical award for great innovation in horrible parenting if we ever choose to give one. While we’ve featured some doozies on this website over the last few weeks, it never ceases to amaze how grown-ass adults can find new and inventive ways of torturing their children.

In Neale’s case, she found that a lively alternative for the stun gun was as a parenting tool. If you are panicky that perhaps she did not have the best reason for doing so, well, what we say next is not going to calm those fears. Apparently the reason given for use of the stun gun was because the child “failed to make oatmeal properly,” according to Huffington Post.

The offending weapon, reportedly an average consumer one as opposed to a portable electric chair (hey, little victories), is generally enough to put an adult out of commission, so you can imagine what it might do to a young child. Neale used the gun on the child’s knee, and in spite of her claim the gun was not operational at the time, the weapon left telltale marks on the knee as well as a bruise on the inside left calf.

The suspect argued she had made the marks with a spoon, which, honestly, if you are beating bruises into a kid, how does that help your case?

Neale, 34 at the time of the incident, and her kids were staying with a friend, who witnessed the incident and reported it to authorities under the cover of anonymity. Neale’s children were placed into the custody of relatives, hopefully relatives who do not share the same affinity for use of paramilitary equipment in parenting decisions.

Neale was charged with aggravated child abuse.

(Featured Image: Orlando Police Department)