Janelle Peterkin Arrested

With some people, you have to wonder why they ever choose to have children. Yes, right or wrong, it still is a choice whether you go through with a pregnancy, and putting your body through the excruciating torment is a little questionable when you’re a mom like Janelle Peterkin.

Now grant it, Peterkin, a 23-year-old woman from Humble, Texas, has only been at the job for about a year. But something tells us she isn’t cut out for the position given what she has been accused of doing to her 1-year-old son.

Yahoo reports the woman stuffed a plastic bag in her little boy’s mouth, wrapped the slack around the little guy’s head while tying it securely, and then proceeded to burn him with a lit cigarette. The accusation states that she did this while sitting with him in the car and taking pics and videos, which she immediately sent to the child’s father.

Further reporting by ABC 13 noted that Peterkin confessed to having sent the footage “as an act of spite to show her ex-boyfriend that he did not care enough about their baby.” Yes, he did not care enough about the baby, but Mommy was a loving bastion apparently.

W. T. F.

On Monday, an order of protection was issued “mandating she not be within 200 feet of the child, who is now living with her mother.” Yeah, let’s try to make that a permanent thing.

Shockingly, Peterkin has been released on a $15,000 bond with an upcoming court appearance scheduled for May 15. She has yet to enter a plea but faces three charges including child endangerment and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She has also yet to retain an attorney, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office noted. Prosecutors expect a not guilty plea, which should be interesting considering everything is well-documented in the woman’s own pictures and videos.

Law and order folks, we wouldn’t get our hopes too high up on this one considering the next-to-nothing bail amount. As for the little boy, he is now in the care of Peterkin’s mother. Because Janelle apparently turned out great.

(Featured Image: Humble Police Department)