You will find, if you delve into the world of true crime frequently enough, that law enforcement and doctors like to call things “the worst case” they’ve ever seen to really hammer home the severity of the crime. And I suppose, you really have no choice to believe them, especially when they can provide gut-wrenching examples. So, you can go ahead and assume that Kevin Fowler, 25, and Aislyn Miller, 24, are two scumbags. They’ve been accused of one of the “worst” cases of child abuse a couple Oklahoma nurses have ever seen. Fair warning: this story is gross AF.

Police responded to the couple’s Owasso home after receiving reports of suspicious activity occurring inside. Once there, officers discovered a set of emaciated baby twins in bad shape. Offices removed them from the home and rushed the twins to a nearby hospital. The babies were both covered in bed sores and diaper rash. One of the nurses told police that she found a maggot wriggling around in one of the babies’ genital area. One of the twins, though it’s not clear if it was the same twin, somehow had feces inside of her ear. One had a piece of hair wrapped tightly around it’s finger, to the point where the wound had become infected and the skin began growing over the hair.

Kevin Fowler (Image: Owasso PD)
Kevin Fowler (Image: Owasso PD)

Aislyn told police that she was aware of how bad things were, but that neither of them had insurance or the funds to take them to a doctor. In fact, the twins had never been to a doctor since their birth.

This whole situation might make a good platform for someone who wants to bemoan America’s wonky healthcare system, but you gotta figure that thousands of years ago, humans were able to figure out how to live without doctors. It seems sort of hard to get maggots in your crotch unless your parents never bathe you and put you in fresh clothes. So, it’s a bit perplexing how a simple lack of insurance could have led to such a predicament.

Image: Owasso Police Dept.