Mom Arrested for Abusing Her Adopted Children Featured on Her Successful YouTube Channel

levitra online Sometimes you have to wonder what’s really behind the happy smiling families featured on TV, or these days, YouTube. In the very least, you should wonder. canadian cialis Machelle Hobson, 48, of Maricopa, Arizona was arrested this week for nastily abusing her seven adopted children. The reason for her abuse (besides being a sick and twisted woman), she wanted them to perform joyfully and dutifully on her increasingly popular “crazy family life” YouTube channel.

Hobson’s YouTube Channel Had 800,000 Subscribers

viagra rx in canada Anything for fame these days. And since the dawn of time, anything for money. Machelle Hobson combined these two deadly sins into a channel on YouTube called, Fantastic Adventures, chronicling the lives of her seven adopted single digit aged kids. Oh, how wacky and silly they are. It was all staged of course.

Videos would feature the kids in wacky household adventures with simple
CGI special effects — who watches this stuff? (Answer: 800,000 people)

Viagra 25 mg consegna veloce Or were they. According to police reports, Hobson routinely and brutally abused the children in order to gain their compliance for the videos she created for YouTube. Those kids were kid performers, exploited and harmed if they did not properly follow the script. Literally, read their lines.

drug interaction between lisinopril and viagra Hobson was big on denying the kids food and water if they refused to perform. The children were malnourished across the board. She also locked them in closets for extended periods of time. And when all else failed, she used pepper spray or lighters on their genitalia. Even Kris Jenner never went that far.

Machelle Hobson Turned In By Her Bio Daughter A tip from Machelle Hobson’s 19-year old bio daughter about the ongoing abuse in the home led Child Welfare workers to perform an inspection upon Hobson’s adopted children in the home.

Bio daughter appeared in many of the family videos,
before calling Child Protective Services to report her mom for her abuse of the adopted kids According to police reports, all seven of the kids, as young as three, suggested that Hobson was abusing them. One of the children was too frightened about eating to accept a bag of potato chips from a friendly police officer, for fear her adopted mom would smell the chips on her breath.

find best price free viagra Another one of the kids told authorities he was beaten with a brush or a hanger. And another that he was forced to go to the bathroom in a diaper since he was locked for so long in the closet. So, wonderful Mommy Dearest to the nth degree type evil.

Hobson Arrested on Numerous Child Abuse Charges

here Machelle Hobson was ultimately arrested on two counts of child molestation, five counts of child neglect, five counts of unlawful imprisonment, and seven counts of good old fashioned child abuse. She was held without bail.

Kids who lost the draw in adoptive mom lottery — she used the
heck out of them for YouTube fame and fortune. Also arrested following the inspection were Hobson’s two adult male children who lived in the home. While they were not charged with any part in abusing their adopted little sisters and brothers, they were each cited with seven counts of failing to report the child abuse they witnessed in the home. Imagine these two are real winners.

ordering generic viagra online illegal drugs Don’t bother trying to find Fantastic Adventures any longer on YouTube. The platform deleted the channel when word of Hobson’s arrest and horrific stage mom crimes came to public attention. YouTube will let you monetize being an evil abusive mom, but only up to the point you’re actually arrested, then you’re on your own. Solid business model.

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