The family that slays together goes to jail together. That was especially the case for Molly Corbett and her ex-FBI agent father Thomas Martens.

The pair worked up a No. 6 on Molly’s husband Jason Corbett, 39, in August of 2015. Two years later, they discovered their fate — that each will spend the next 20 to 25 years behind bars, a likely life sentence for Martens and the end-of-prime for Molly.

JournalNow described an emotional trial and sentencing for both perpetrators and jurors as Molly told her mother she was sorry as she was being led away. Some jurors were also in tears as they explained their votes.

Corbett pictured left with father Thomas Martens.

Apparently Molly Corbett and her father had succeeded in tugging at a few heartstrings with their tale of an abusive Jason, who was allegedly in the throes of killing Molly when dear ol’ Dad stepped in.

As a father (or parent, for that matter), it is understandable why you would want to murder a son-in-law if you caught him in the act of choking your daughter to death.

The story had a few flaws, though. Firstly, Jason’s skull was reportedly demolished in the attack. He was hit at least 12 times in the head with a metal Louisville Slugger baseball bat (Dad) and a concrete paving brick (Molly). Many of the blows, according to the medical examiners, were delivered while Jason was on the ground and no longer posing a threat, if he ever did.

And therein lies the second part of Corbett and Martens’ dilemma. If what Martens told prosecutors was true, then Molly at least should have had marks on her throat because Jason was crushing her windpipe and screaming about how he was going to kill her when Dad rushed in.

Thing is, Molly was clean as a whistle.

There was also the matter of Molly and Jason’s bitter divorce and custody fight and the $600,000 life insurance policy Jason had on his head.

Under the weight of such evidence, the jury had to convict. The two kids are now in the care of their paternal aunt and uncle in Ireland.

(All Images: Davidson County Sheriff’s Office)