Model Mom Accused of Giving Toddler Cocaine, Caught in Texas Talk about a wild drug ride, a former “hot trucks” model, and a multi-state fugitive from the law, this story has it all.

buy prednisone online without prescription levitra be ordered in usa Kalin Swartz was arrested today by Midland County, Texas on a bench warrant for fleeing the state of Oregon. Swartz was ordered not to leave the state while awaiting trial on December 2017 charges that she failed to report her toddler son receiving burns while in her care and that she caused him to ingest cocaine.

Kalin Swartz Allegedly “Fed” Her Son Cocaine During Custody Battle Kalin Swartz was in a heated custody battle with the father of her toddler son during the course of 2017. Court records indicate that during that time, Swartz’s behavior was erratic and potentially dangerous to the child. After she failed to let monitoring authorities know about her son’s burns, she was demoted to supervised-only visits with her child.

levitra price average An anonymous (assume closely related party) called the Oregon Department of Human Services during this time to suggest that the toddler might have cocaine in his system. This after his latest visit with his mom. A 2+ years of age, this does not qualify her as the cool mom.

Kalin Swartz in court after being picked up on charges related to providing cocaine to her toddler son.

viagra black box warning drugs The kid tested positive for the drug at the hospital. His father immediately filed to have Swartz removed from any contact with their boy. During this hearing, the court heard about Swartz’s history of incessant lying and misleading of the Oregon authorities and police. Judges hate that shit, for the record. About this time the cops arrested Swartz for the cocaine thing. Naturally, nobody bothered to ask how the kid ingested cocaine during a supervised visitation. But assume people need bathroom breaks. Swartz was thrown into the County clink on assaulting her child with cocaine charges in December 2017. Naturally, shortly thereafter, she was released pending trial due to the jail being overcrowded. And that’s when Kalin Swartz started planning her escape.

Suddenly, A Model Comes to Visit in Indiana Following an incident where Swartz smashed another man’s truck in Oregon, and later stole a credit card from a logging company, Swartz suddenly shows up in Indiana. But why Indiana?

source site Apparently, Swartz had made a male-friend in Indiana from her model website. We believe that site is Diesel Hotties on Facebook, where there’s a Kalin Swartz who resembles the Kalin Swartz of this legal tale. Swartz has changed her look often, including hair color, so it’s impossible to say for sure.

Kalin Swartz the alleged cocaine mom may be the very same as Kalin Swartz the “Diesel Hotties” model.

Suddenly, Swartz showed up at this man’s house and invited herself to stay. Not that a single guy mind’s such things on the fly. Usually.

It was this man’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama who became suspicious of this new “model live-in”, citing Swartz’s behavior as crazy and erratic.

When the new “boyfriend” asked Swartz to leave, she refused and insisted she had the right to stay as long as she wished. She allegedly told the guy she’d leave if he bought her a car, which he did. And she didn’t leave. This poor fella apparently is not familiar with crazy models.

That’s about the time Swartz told her new roomie she was pregnant with his baby. It’s unclear if he believed her or not. His ex-girlfriend seemed to be more on the ball and concerned for her own child’s well-being when at her ex’s house with this crazy model. She researched Swartz, and found the story on her awaiting trial in Oregon for giving her own kid cocaine.

That’s when the ex-girlfriend called the cops back in Oregon and told them that Swartz wasn’t in Oregon, but Indiana. Apparently they use the honor system in Oregon as to who leaves the state against court orders and such.

Bench Warrant Issued

The court back home in Marion County, upon learning their pre-trial famed mom who gave her kid cocaine was out of state, and had ripped off a logging company and crashed a guy’s truck, issued a bench warrant for her arrest.

Kalin Swartz Arrested in 2018 on cocaine-to-toddler charges (blonde) and Kalin Swartz a year later picked up on bench warrant (brunette).

It’s not clear how Swartz made her way to Texas. Assume the ex-girlfriend of her new live-in told her she’d called Oregon and told her to GTFO of town and her ex-boyfriend’s life. This may be one of those teachable moments about who you make babies with.

Police in Midland County, Texas picked up Swartz off the bench warrant and returned her to Oregon to face trial on the original powdering up of her toddler son, and now additional charges for all that she has wrought.

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