Misty Dyer Stabbed Her Father-in-Law in Reading, Ohio

follow link This world needs tatted up Ohio-hot young-women with babies. Trust that if you’ve ever been to a middling gentleman’s club, this is the supply upon which you are gazing. As such, you ought treat these ladies kindness. That is, until they stab somebody.

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source link Misty Dyer, 23, of Reading, Ohio outside Cincinnati put a nice knife slash into the upper arm of her father-in-law, Clayton Ballinger. Her social media page gives no visual indication of a man in in her life above the age of a couple months, but presume that the father-in-law is the baby granddaddy, albeit that Clayton Ballinger is only 46 years of age according to records. His son, also Clayton Ballinger is 26 and presumably the sire. We might need a better detective.


get link Police arrived at the home, greeted by Clayton Sr. bleeding profusely from his arm, with word that Dyer had locked herself in the bathroom with two knives. Police coaxed her out wherein she told them that a verbal altercation led her to grab the knives, and presumably to slice her father-in-law. Which for the record is against the law, because you’re not allowed to knife your in-laws for being huge pains in the asses, even in Ohio.


http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cheap-levitra-online-pharmacy Dyer was booked on felony assault and is awaiting arraignment. Ballinger was taken to the hospital to be re-filled with blood. One happy family.

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