Missouri School Nurse Pleads Guilty to Sex With Teen Student, Bribing Him to Shut Up

how to get viagra Tina Maria Sumner, 47, a decorated and awarded school nurse from Missouri, might’ve got away with her torrid sexual affair with a boy under the age of 16 had she not tried to bribe him to shut up after the fact.

female viagra Back in 2017, the elementary school nurse from Arnold, Missouri, was busted by cops on reports from a teen boy’s mom that Sumner was having inappropriate relations with her child. This same school nurse who had been awarded the best nurse in the district in Jefferson County a few years earlier.

woman version of viagra Sumner was investigated but ultimately released on lack of evidence. Unlike so many of her perhaps dumber criminal lady teacher peers, there didn’t seem to be any lewd text messages, naughty photos, or jotted down sex come-ons to the boy. Without that evidence, it becomes a he-said-to-his-mom and I deny it 100% case. Not enough to prosecute.

viagra use side-effect long-term study That’s when Sumner looked a gift horse in the mouth. She remained concern about the boy’s loose lips, so she offered him $2,000 to basically shut the eff up and tell everybody he had lied previously. However she communicated that to the boy, it was down in writing. Mom got a hold of that and took it back to the police who charged Sumner.

By the time the confession was done, the middle-aged nurse confessed to eight bouts of sex with the under-16 boy. Prosecutors charged her with that, plus attempts to bribe a witness.

Two years hence and Sumner has taken a guilty plea to the illicit sex, with a plea deal on two counts of statutory rape and the bribery charges. She’s going away for a while now to think about how school nursing and underaged sexual flings don’t mix well. She might want to think about giving back that school nurse award.

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