Is it sexist that we wonder what goes through the mind of a couple 20-something women on a sex campaign to bed high school boys, while we’d not think twice about what was going through the heads of a couple of men the same age sleeping with high school girls? We know they’re deviant pigs, but we might think the women have some more profound campaign at heart.
Talia Sisco

source Well, rest your weary thinking organ. They’re not. Talia Sisco, 24, and Tina Pourani, 23, both of the San Jose, CA area and best friends, were busted for multiple counts of sex of various kinds with three high school boys, aged 15 and 16, earlier this year. Police believe there may wind up being more than these two boys on the conquest list of these friends-since-high-school on a quest to mount young flesh. Sisco happens to be a teacher-in-training at a local middle school, though police do not believe she went for any of her own students. Though once you drop to fifteen, you’ve got to check.

free sample pack of cialis Sisco and Pourani utilized social media to contact and meet these younger boys, as everybody does these days in the predator community. Online, Sisco and Pourani bragged about their sexual deviancy in chasing down minors. Because you’re going to want that hard evidence thrown in your face before your attorney can drum up a defense. They used to make sexual deviants so much more cunning.
Tina Pourani

propecia and merck generic propecia Santa Clara County sheriff’s detectives are urging any more victims to come forward. These ladies are fairly good looking, and based on all the oral and intercourse charges, they seem like fairly decent dates. You’ve got nothing to lose as a kid coming forward. Unless your parents try to force you into counseling to discuss how badly your teen peen was victimized.