I have a working theory that at any given time of day, 90% of image traffic on Snapchat is illegal, illicit, or whatever you’d call 30-something teachers flashing their breasts to their underage students is. Okay, that’s awesome. Still, it’s mostly young girls peer pressured into being popular. Less awesome, unless you’re in their high school. Ah, Snapchat, you are a pornographic beast.

canadian healthcare free viagra sales But let’s return to that 30-something teacher. Shannon Moser of Moorhead, Minnesota, a science teacher at Liberty Middle School in nearby West Fargo, ND. It seems miss Moser discovered the joy of Snapchat, as her teen students also did, and proceeded to use her new digital platform toy to begin sending “hundreds” of explicit photos of herself to at least one more current student, age 14, and one possible former student, age 16, the latter of whom she had sex with on what is described as a “gravel road”. Others have more generously referred to the spot as a “park”. Suffice it to say, nobody sprung for a motel for the illicit deed.

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effects of levitra in women Moser was arrested after multiple sources told authorities about their suspicions that Moser was getting it on with one student and sending naughty photos to more. It’s the kind of thing that’s hard to keep quiet. Now, you’re looking at multiple felony counts for the sex and the nude photos.

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acquistare levitra in farmacia pagamento online According to Moser’s attorney, she’s a volunteer mentor to troubled young women in the area. Not exactly sure what wisdom she’s passing on, but if it includes sending nudes to underaged boys to help with the stress, I’d pass. From online accounts, Moser appears to be the married wife of a local Christian pastor and mom of four. Ruh-roh for everybody involved, minus perhaps the boys who got to see their teacher naked and romp “on a gravel road”.

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