Middle School Teacher, Christina Jolly, Arrested for Statutory Rape of Her Foster Teen

watch Some women can’t help but help. Such seems to be the case of long time Troutman Elementary School teacher turned Troutman Middle School teacher, Christina Jolly, 43, of Statesville, North Carolina. According to her school bio, Jolly is the married mother of three boys, at least one of whom is a 15-year old foster child with whom she now stands accused of multiple felony counts of sexual assault. For no particular reason, I’m going to pick out the man-sized black kid in the recent family photo as the victim in question.

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Christina Jolly and Family (photo from Troutman Middle School bio page)

follow In April of this year, an investigation began into Jolly following a tip that something wasn’t quite right between the middle school teacher and her foster son, which led to the boy confessing that things were kind of alright because he was having sex with his foster mom. For some reason, it took another three months before the foster care service folks removed the boy from the home and put Jolly on strict orders not to contact him. An order she promptly broke several times through social media messaging. You never forget your first underage foster boy sex romp.

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=dove-acquistare-levitra-originale-pagamento-online The nearby Iredell County Sheriff’s Department was not so lenient with Jolly, arresting her this past week on five counts of statutory rape on a child 15 or under, and two additional counts of sex with a child 15 or under. Unclear what the non-rape sex acts are, but use your imagination. Jolly was slapped with a total of $275,000 in bail.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=prednisone-80-mg-daily Jolly’s school district was prompt to note that they had suspended the Troutman Middle School teacher immediately, though with pay pending further steps in the criminal process, because teachers’ unions are just that powerful.

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