go A seventh-grade science teacher at Lampasas Middle School in Texas was arrested this week for buying and providing liquor to her daughter and a group of her 14 and 15 year old male and female friends hanging at her house. If you’re not familiar with this scenario, it’s called the Cool Mom setup, though 14 is a bit young for the mom or dad trying to be cool about their kids drinking at home (so they don’t need to do it somewhere dangerous, like a back alley I guess).

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follow site After one girl vomited and another kid claims he drank enough to make him forget the entire evening (rookies), the police were called in to investigate the party at the home of here Christie Searl Miller, 46, a ten year long teacher at the middle school. According to the arrest report on Miller, police interviewed multiple of the teen attendees who claimed that Miller provided them a “thermos of vodka and a bottle of Bacardi” and cautioned them to “wait until her husband was asleep”. You know how the old man can be suck a wet blanket about young kids getting liquored up in his backyard.

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http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=levitra-tablets-for-women According to Miller’s account, she did indeed buy a bottle of Bacardi at the store that evening, but it was for her personal consumption, and her daughter took it without permission without her knowledge. That’s either the truth, or it’s one helluva throwing your own kid under the bus kind of defense. Though it certainly reminds me of many different evenings as a young teen at the home of the friends with parents who didn’t guard their liquor well.

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source Of course, a charge of providing alcohol to minors isn’t the best career advancer for a teacher; Miller was put on leave when arrested and shortly thereafter resigned from her teaching position. Even if her version of the story is true, you’re still a teacher with kids from school getting drunk in your yard. And this is Texas. Here in California you’d be lauded as a caring mentor.