Middle School P.E. Teacher, Alexis Mashak, 27, Busted for Sex With High School Boy in Wisconsin

acquisto cialis in farmacia Read the rules. If you’re not sure, read them again. The 17-year old Sparta, Wisconsin high school student having sex and receiving nude photos from the local middle school P.E. teacher, Alexis Mashak, claims he believed their relationship to be legal and consensual. There were only two problems there, skippy. First, the age of consent in Wisconsin is plainly 18. Sex with those aged 16 or 17 is only a misdemeanor, yet still a crime. Also, Wisconsin has one of those teacher-students SHALL NEVER SCREW laws that state that any teacher at any school can never have sex with a student at any school under any circumstances (in Wisconsin, that’s amended to “prior to being 18 and over”).  Two strikes.

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canadian cialis online Hence, 27-year old Alexis Mashak was arrested in all her middle school P.E. ginger teacher glory for sexual relations and sending nude photos to the seventeen year old student at the nearby high school that she met while volunteering at the local Boy’s and Girl’s Club. Donors will be delighted to know that Mashak and her teen boyfriend did indeed have sex in the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, though likely never seen by the skateboarding latchkey kids they were supervising. Sex occurred in other venues as well, though not Mashak or the boy’s school. The two were actually caught kissing on a security camera which led to some red flags being raised. On Wisconsin.


see It’s unclear if Mashak is married or not, though their appears to be something akin to a wedding photo of hers floating around the net. It is clear that she broke the law and is being charged with being charged with felony counts of child enticement, sexual assault of a child by a person who works with children, and two counts of exposing intimate parts to a child. Pretty serious stuff. The boy in question is apparently cooperating fully with the police so there goes any change for a legit defense. Expect a plea deal forthcoming that will end Mashak’s future teaching career and put her on a rather unenviable list.

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