Middle School Girls Planned Mass Murder Spree

Buy Sildenafil Online Two girls at Avon Park Middle School in Florida were arrested for what appears to be an unlikely plan to murder and burn the bodies of several fellow students. Unlikely in their ability to carry out such a plan; though still detailed in their cutesy folder report they shared secretly between themselves.

enter Maybe pre-Columbine you could get away with pretending having an action plan on paper to shoot nine classmates was but a lark; not so much when you’re a couple hours drives from Parkland.

A Teacher Overheard the Girls Searching for a Secret Folder

click here A teacher at Avon Park Middle School came across two students, Delaney M. Barnes and Solonge N. Green, both 14, frantically searching her classroom and other students’ backpacks for a missing folder.

enter site Assume these two students weren’t the kind who go crazy when they lose their homework. So, the teacher took interest in their conversation. She overhead the girls hysterical about being arrested if they couldn’t find a certain folder.

School shootings remain on the forefront of the American Mind since Columbine in 1999.

order viagra canada “I’m just going to tell them it’s a prank if they call me or if they find it,” said Solange Green to her cohort.

generic real viagra uk The teacher found the folder herself. She noted the first word as she opened it, “Guns”. The folder was titled, “Project 11/9” with the ineffectual warnings “Private Info, Do Not Open”. The teacher immediately handed the folder over to the school cops.

The Kill Folder Was Chock Full of Deadly Plans

5 mg prednisone long term Barnes and Green had been up to a rather detailed plan to murder nine of their fellow Avon Park Middle School students. Not randomly, they had written up a kill list by name, or in a couple cases, initials.

http://vaspaceacademy.com/?x=viagra-side-effects-drugs-com&d09=52 The folder contained their plans to obtain firearms, lure and shoot the students on their kill list, and later burn and bury their remains. The plot included a rather detailed level of thinking as to disguises and preventing clues at the scene of the crimes with gloves and hats:

here “NO NAILS,” “NO Hair Showing from the moment we put on these clothes we NIGGAS!”

best price canadian viagra from uk Not particularly politically correct killers at that. The folder also contained information on how many guns would be needed and places where the murders could take place. Some amount of thought went into this middle school murder plot.

Scariest Part May Be That Nobody Suspected These Girls

https://price-cialis.com/get-cialis-coupon-to-save-5/ Of course, since Columbine and events thereafter, actual school shooters have been obviously identifiable loner boy or boys with weapons obsessions and social media accounts expressing their misanthropy. In this case, there were two girls who more than one parent noted were popular and friendly young teens.

It’s likely these two girls were never going to acquire a single weapon or take a single life, or even attempt such a deed. Nevertheless, you simply can’t make school shooting plans on paper without facing dire consequences these days.

Avon Park Middle School, otherwise idyllic Florida middle school

Barnes and Green were arrested and charged with nine counts of conspiracy to commit murder on the nine names in their folder, and three counts of similar to commit kidnapping on the kids they noted they were going to hold hostage. The were charged and held in juvenile court, though that could change depending on future revelations and decisions by prosecutors.

The parents of the nine students named on the kill list were all notified and requested that charges be filed against Barnes and Green. As you might if you found out two chicks at your kids school wrote down plans to kill your son or daughter.

We’ll keep you updated on this case. If for no other than it’s scary AF.

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