get link The details of the alleged crimes against Thunder Bay Junior High School teacher, Heather Winfield, 38, are intentionally murky, but it’s believed she engaged in sexual activity with a former student, under 13 (believed to be 11) shortly after resigning her special education teaching position at the school in Alpena, Michigan in 2016. It’s thought she resigned from the school when made aware people were looking into her inappropriate contact with the student. She was also charged with having sex with a minor between 13 and 15, though it’s unclear if this is the same former student or a second victim as the arrest record indicates the crimes occurred between 2016 and 2018. It could apply to the same child only two years later, if she was continuing to get it on with this same object of her illicit desires. Prior to teaching for four years at Thunder Bay Junior High, Winfield taught for four years at the nearby All Saints Catholic School. She also was a substitute teacher in the area. In case you lived in the area and had young kids in her schools and are looking to have a serious panic attack.


go to link Winfield is charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child younger than 13 and one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct during the commission of a felony, a count of third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child ages 13 to 15 and second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a child younger than 13, accosting a minor for immoral purposes, and using a computer to commit a crime.

source url – Michigan State Police Winfield is married with children of her own, you know, not the ones she’s having sex with, with her family attending her arraignment on these charges that could send her to prison for life. Through her attorney, Winfield expressed her complete innocence of all charges, a presumption we hold dear in this country, or used to, until partisan rancor came along and destroyed it. Nevertheless, she was offered the chance to bond out of jail and build a defense case for herself against these charges.

real cialis for sale It remains unclear why the police took well over two years to formally charge Winfield from the time they learned of her potential misdeeds, but suffice it to say, this wasn’t a rush to judgement case. Just another case of a female teacher delving into dark and criminal desires. Allegedly. You never know.