Michaelann Goodrich, 32, Enrolled in a New York High School Under a Fake Name, Claiming to be 15.

source url What do you do when a woman appearing to be far older than a teenager shows up at your high school administration office, insisting she’s 15, she’s homeless, and her name is Riley Madison and she’d like to attend school? Well, if you’re following Federal Law, you need to accept the woman as-is because by recent edict, homeless children are entitled to automatic enrollment in local public schools without proof of residence of guardianship. A likely well-intentioned law with one obvious loophole. Here’s a grown woman, for whatever kooky reason, now attending your school as a teen.

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prednisone 5 mg for cats It turns out Riley Madison is really, Michaelann Goodrich, 32, a married woman in the area who for some unknown reason showed up at the Cairo-Durham school district high school in upstate New York right before the winter break asking to be enrolled. And she was. For the final day before break, Goodrich (as Riley Madison) rode the school bus, sat in classes, and ate lunch in the cafeteria with high school kids half her age.

enter School officials insisted they knew something was obviously amiss, and had teacher spies on her throughout the entire day, as they reported the matter to local authorities to investigate. But they also insist they had no choice but to admit her.

enter The cops made quick work of their investigation, with the help of the winter break to avoid Goodrich attending any more days of school. She was arrested on multiple counts of falsifying records and criminal trespassing, though she was released after her arraignment. Sheriff’s investigators say they couldn’t get much information out of Goodrich, most notably, why the hell she was enrolling falsely in high school. They did uncover that she is unemployed and had previously graduated from a high school in California.

accutane and side effects And if any of you perverts are getting any ideas about enrolling in your local high schools before, say, the prom, don’t. I mean, obviously, under this Federal Law, you can without question, but, don’t, please. I’ve got kids there.

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