Miami Teacher, Valeria Costadoni, Arrested for Two-Year Sexual Relationship With Teen Student

cialis generika kaufen And the hits keep on coming. Almost by the hour now it seems, lady teachers of not such an old age arrested for more than one-occasion sexual liaisons with their teen students, typically male, occasionally female.



accutane no prescription Valeria Costadoni, 30, the head of the English department at the Wynwood Charter School in Miami, stands accused of a two-year long sexual relationship with a male student beginning at his age fifteen, making this a crime of sexual battery with a person under the age of sixteen. Following an investigation, the boy would describe multiple sexual encounters with Costadini in her home, in her car, and numerous rounds of her providing him with oral sex in her classroom during breaks. Please, save your “living the dream” comments.

farmacia viagra generico 100 mg a Torino Costadoni is a seven year tenured teacher at the school, where she first arrived to teach after college, working her way up through the Language Arts to reach the head of department status. Apparently, at year five of her career, she decided to take on a young teen boy lover. Whatever was going through her mind at the time, presume she regrets it incredibly now after arrest on lewd and lascivious battery of a person under 16 years of age charge. That’s quite a doozy of a charge, and associated penalties.

click Costadoni bonded out of the local county jail following her booking. Presume she’s making plans for the future that don’t involve either teaching or freedom.

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