Melissa Hancock of Lifetime’s ‘Little Women, Atlanta’ Begins Her Succession of Pleas for Vehicular Manslaughter amoxicilin online You may not watch Lifetime’s show, ‘Little Women, Atlanta’, the Georgia Peach version of their reality programming featuring dwarfish women experiencing the same problems as normal sized women. Like, how to handle angry boyfriends after strip club outings and the like. The show is very social-scientifically rooted. Let’s face it, if you’re watching basic cable you get what you deserve.

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accutane causing psychiatric issues Little Women cast member, Melissa Hancock, took a drunken wrong way turn onto an Interstate in Virginia one late night last Fall and slammed head on into a Coast Guard enlistee on his way to pick up his girlfriend. That man died in the crash. Hancock survived in her 2011 Cadillac, to be arrested and breathalyzed after the fact. She blew a .11 though officers surmise that elapsed time between crash and test likely meant she was closer to a .17 at the time of the collision.

acquistare viagra generico consegna rapida a Milano Hancock has been in a Virginia Beach County jail since the evening of her arrest on felony manslaughter charges. That case is pending for May of this year. In the meantime, this week, she pleaded guilty to two vehicular misdemeanor charges basically admitting to driving the wrong way on a freeway, which is apparently not considered a laudable act in the state of Virginia. She was fine a few hundred bucks, though the greater significance is likely related to a plea deal for her felony charge which as of now carries up to twenty years in prison.

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acquistare viagra generico 100 mg consegna rapida a Torino No matter how much you feel she deserves that punishment, imagine a tiny woman from TV wouldn’t do so well in the joint. There’d likely have to be special arrangements and that’s going to mean a big huge taxpayer cost. Nobody wins in this case. If you’re loved one is killed by the mini-star of Little Women, Atlanta, you have to wonder about God above.
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