Melina Roberge, the Canadian Escort Caught With 200 Pounds of Coke, Sentenced in Australia

enter You may recall the case of the two hot and, as it turns out, professional sex worker chicks from Canada who along with a third cohort, were busted for trying to smuggle 95 kgs of cocaine into Australia on the tail end of a luxury cruise to the Down Under. Melina Roberge, 24, self-described Instagram star, was recruited by her sugar daddy, as is so often the case, to be a mule for a massive cocaine run to Australia.

watch Roberge and her female friend porn actress, Isabelle Lagace, 30, took numerous fun bikini selfies for Instagram on their sun soaked drug trek. They blew up on social media, because hot pros in bikinis will do those kind of numbers. The party kept rolling along with their third male partner until they reached their destination in Sydney Harbor. Where in Australian customs promptly raided their cabins to discover suitcases packed with tens of millions of dollars worth of cocaine. Oops. Stop the music. This party is over.

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And there you have it, literal suitcases filled with cocaine.

see Lagace, being the porn star, knew when to throw in the towel and took the first plea deal. She’s going to serve about three year in the clink. Roberge was sentenced this week by a female judge who included ridiculing Roberge, Instagram, and stupid young women who live for likes online. That seems gratuitous, even if entirely accurate.

follow url “It is sad they seek to attain such a vacuous existence where how many likes they receive are their currency. She was seduced by lifestyle and the opportunity to post glamorous Instagram photos from around the world. This highlights the negative influence of social media on young women.”

go Then she slapped Roberge with four to eight years in prison, assigning about a third of the cocaine weight to her name during sentencing. Even Steven seemed a fair way to split the drug responsibility.

go Roberge had attempted to defend her illicit actions by blaming her sugar daddy who first got her into escort work in Morocco for ten grand a pop, and later seduced her into this drug muling business. Nobody was really having it because prostitutes never really catch a break in any system. Not to mention it was learned she stood to earn $100K from this mega-coke deal herself. Criminal motivation usually resorts to cash. Ta-ta, Melina, we hardly knew you.

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