Melanie Martinez Accused of Rape By Her Former Best Female Friend, Timothy Heller This story has many nuances. Not the least of which is a female named, Timothy. Singer Melanie Martinez, 22, gained instant fame as a contestant on NBC’s The Voice. Attractive, young, Hispanic, and talented. Strong foundation for success in Hollywood.

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dove acquistare viagra generico 50 mg a Milano But before Martinez caught her break, she was another broke girl looking to make it in the music business. As was her friend, Timothy Heller, another girl with dreams of hitting it big in the recording industry, but currently without a buck to her name and accepting her friend Melanie’s offer of free bunking at her place for a few days.

follow url According to Heller, who now recollects this experience via Twitter as a tale of sexual assault, she was straight with a boyfriend at the time. Her friend Martinez preferred other women, which she knew, but did not suspect it would be a problem with the two sharing a bed platonically for a few nights. This was her best friend.

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key find and buy canadian propecia best price That’s when everything went South. Literally and figuratively. The first night in bed together Heller claims she merely wanted to hit the sack but Martinez started goading her with sexual questions and flirtations. By the second night, it got more specific and groping, with Martinez pleading to touch her friend lightly and maybe a kiss or two. On the third night, Heller recalls she finally was simply exhausted and gave up as her bestie Martinez preceded to go down on her, feel her up, and penetrate her with a foreign object. Heller claims she repeatedly asked her to stop.

follow link The nature of this “date rape” allegation lends itself to much speculation as to any element of a crime. Certainly if true, you have a shitty friend who is trying to get some from you in exchange for a warm bed during your time of broke need. But sleeping with your lesbian friend in the same bed and giving into her pressure to let her use your body may not be ethical consent, but good luck convincing twelve members of the community you were actively trying to protect your virtue while in such a position in the first place and zero signs of a mounted defense. Or defense to mounting. Nevertheless, once you get past the hot girl on girl sexual escapades aspect of the story, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture of Melanie Martinez. If she were a male entertainer, with the same allegations against her, rest assured she’d be on a forced leave of absence from any existing gig. As it is, Martinez is denying any wrongdoing on her part. And the Twitter storm seems to be giving her the benefit of the doubt at the moment. Such is the almost entirely subjective nature of these latter day sexually inappropriate behavior claims in Hollywood. “Who” definitely plays a big role in kangaroo court verdicts.

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