Mekenzie Guffey Listed Her Baby Daddy as a 14-Year Old Boy, Oops! A little tip to all the young ladies ladies out there applying for Medicaid as single moms to be. Do not list the unborn child’s father as a fourteen year old boy. The old “not sure” certainly works and probably is legally accepted in most states, including Alabama where our quaint story takes place.
Mekenzie with a boy who may or may not be the baby daddy. That’s unclear enough (credit: Facebook)

accutane shrinks sebaceous glands Mekenzie Guffey is like any other lovable scamp of a nineteen year old. A former Vine video subscriber. A current Facebook updater with words of religious inspiration, child rearing memes, and an announcement of being pregnant by a fourteen year old boy. Listing the deed on official government documents for aid initiated a State Department of Human Resources investigation since it’s not actually legal to make a baby with a fourteen year old. Most certainly not when you’re nineteen.

prednisone 20 mg tablet usage Investigators found that Guffey began “seeing” the fourteen year old this past December at a fast food restaurant and she subsequently picked up the underaged boy for meetings involving sexual activity about twenty times. That is where babies come from. Including the part about meeting at a fast food restaurant.

McKenzie Guffey posted pic of her pregnancy test confirming her pregnancy. (credit: Facebook)

come acquistare vardenafil senza ricetta Guffey has been charged with second-degree rape, possession of child pornography, enticing a child for an immoral purpose, second-degree sexual abuse, traveling to meet a child for an unlawful sex act, and possession and dissemination of child pornography. That is some rather serious criminal charging. Probably far more than will stick as a result of two teens even of rather disparate ages being horny and shtupping the hell out of one another. The child porn charges being naked photos sent between the two. That will happen when you’re having sex. Seems like an unnecessary add-on charge to ensure a conviction. For all the potential legal peril, Guffey seems remarkably nonplussed.

omprare viagra generico 100 mg consegna rapida a Torino To circumvent all possible pregnant Alabama youngin’ stereotypes, Guffey is slender and cute and seems to be reasonably well educated and attuned to her situation. In fact, she announced her pregnancy on her Facebook page and urged her family members who condemned her teen with-childness to expect to not be a part of her future child’s life.

enter site for ALL of my family that’s shut me out and not even called to check on me or how i feel, please don’t expect to be in my baby’s life.

acquistare cialis in inghilterra She routinely posts baby care posts and seems to be extremely excited to be a mom. Whether or not she manages to keep her child will be the subject of some excessive amount of court time upcoming. She’s currently out on $23,000 bond.

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