Megan Dunar Arrested for Being a Lousy Restaurant Patron and Threatening to Kill Responding Cops You have to wonder just how loaded you need to be before you, (a) get into a massive, nasty round of cursing and throwing things in a restaurants, and (b) once they cops arrive, continue to take your uncontrolled rage out on law enforcement, which is really going to hurt you come arrest and charging time. There’s been no indication of the precise combination of chemicals in the body of levitra use with pump Megan Dunar, 32, taken into custody this past Saturday night at the Trios restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina. There is an indication she was going completely bonkers at the time.

accutane side effects disappear Cops showed up at the restaurant after owners cited a patron inside who was cursing controllably and refused to stop. Not sure how many warnings restaurants give you before bringing in the authorities, but assume in Greenville you get less loud outbursts than, say, New York. Cops arrived to detain Dunar on disorderly conduct charges; that’s when she upped her game. According to police reports, Dunar tossed glasses around the place, including one that struck a woman’s foot, requiring stitches.

side effects lasix Once the cops got her into the patrol car, Dunar began the obligatory attempt to kick out the back windows of the vehicle. Not sure that’s every really worked, but likely dependent on your leg press max. When officers came into the back to calm her down, she kicked one in the chest and bit another one. That’s no way to make friends, Megan.

go site Once the officers arrived at the County Detention Facility, Dunar began repeatedly telling a female officer she was going to kill her. Full ratchet up the ladder of empty, but chargeable offenses there. Indeed, Dunar was ultimately lined up with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and threatening the life of a public official. She was later released on her own recognizance and ordered to stop being such an enormous a-hole while awaiting further proceedings.

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