Maxim Model Arrested in Murder of Her Older Male ‘Benefactor’

source For those unaware, skin magazine models largely make their money by selling sexy merchandise to fans and finding wealthier older men to sponsor their expenses. Imagine the DeMedici family sponsoring Michelangelo. Then imagine they are doing so less for the arts, and more so they can have sex with Michelangelo when they’re in town. Blonde bombshell model, Kelsey Turner, 25, was arrested this past week in Stockton, California, for the murder of Thomas Burchard, 71, an older child psychiatrist who until not long before his own demise, was paying for the housing costs of Turner, her mom, and Turner’s little kids.

Burchard Helped Turner Out Financially For At Least a Year

source link After having met online, that place where septuagenerian doctors meet breast implanted 25-year old nude models, Burchard reportedly paid for the lease on a home in Salina, California for Turner. Having my own shameful past working with women such as Kelsey Turner and other Playboy models, I can tell you that none of them were paying their own rent. Or for their cars. Or allowances that arrived in their bank accounts monthly. Make of that what you will. Also, forget that you shall ever be so fortunate. Of course, you’ll never be expected to perform oral sex routinely on a wealthy Saudi businessman, so it’s not all bad news.

Kelsey Turner was a former Miss Jetset
(c. Jetset Magazine,

dove comprare Viagra originale pagamento online In addition to the house expenses, Burchard was reportedly funding Turner to the turn of “four thousand dollars easily” a week for expenses. In short, Burchard was paying for everything, even as Kelsey Turner appeared to have an on-again, off-again boyfriend relationship with a man who was routinely abusing her.

Burchard Cut Turner Off, And Things Went South At some point, Burchard cut Turner off from his patron cash. The house lease was terminated and the allowance money stopped flowing. You might imagine why an older doctor would cut off his leech of a model younger sort of girlfriend, so imagine that. You’re probably on the right track. According to reports, this cut-off likely sent Kelsey Turner back into the arms of her violent boyfriend who was later arrested for strangulation. Though those charges were later dropped and chalked up to a misunderstanding. Which is an odd kind because it seems like you did or you didn’t when it comes to strangulation. Not much gray area.

Kelsey Turner appeared in a Maxim magazine contest and a Playboy online photo, but the extent of her professional modeling work remains rather unclear.

viagra no prescription Burchard seemed to take personal responsibility for the decline of his former buxom apprentice. That may be what led him to travel to Las Vegas in March to meet with Turner. Contrary to the movie title, Burchard would never again leave Las Vegas.

Burchard’s Body Found in the Trunk of a Car Outside Vegas

midnite drug ingredients viagra The good and naive doctor’s body was found stuffed into the trunk of his car along a state route outside of Las Vegas in mid-March. The evidence that pointed to Turner in his murder remains unclear. The specific evidence at least; there’s tons of general evidence she was milking him for cash and he had cut her off. You’d wonder how a woman of Turner’s stature, despite her implants, would find the gumption to stuff a full grown dead man into the trunk of a car. This might imply she had some help, though at this time, Kelsey Turner alone has been arrested for the murder of Thomas Burchard.

Kelsey Turner was arrested in Stockton, CA, to be extradited to Clark County, NV

There’s likely a moral, if not practical, lesson in this story about being a rich old man and becoming involved in the raucous and seedy life of a young pinup model. In general, call yourself Chuck, give an even phonier address, and try to be on your way as soon as it’s over. The “relationship” angle to these May-December hooker-john tales never ever ends well.

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