Last August, Mary Zolkowski, 21, a Michigan student was charged with filing a false rape report after her claims of being sexually assaulted on the campus of Delta College were fully debunked by the investigating authorities.

click Zolkowski had initially claimed she was attacked from behind by a stranger in a parking lot one night on the Delta College campus. She couldn’t identify the assailant as she never saw her face as he attacked and raped her. Following the report, Zolkowski refused a rape kit investigation to collect evidence. A month later, police went back to Zolkowski with the fact that none of her particulars could be corroborated, at which point she altered her story to claim to being the victim of a date rape by a student off campus.

5 mg prednisone long term Police rolled up on the male college student in question, who informed the cops that Zolkowski had been planning for some time to claim rape on campus in order to seek a refund of her college tuition payments. That might sound far-fetched, until he produced texts from her essentially proving such. Though you have to imagine still a rather scary moment for the kid when cops bang on the door looking to ask you about raping a fellow student. Your heart’s going to skip a few beats.

follow At this point Zolkowski fessed up to the made up charges, the false reporting, and the phony call to authorities that got everything rolling. Police subsequently charged Zolkowski with false reporting of a felony, because you really have to make it clear that rape accusations are not the way to get money or any other benefit in this society. Not only could an innocent man be ruined or sent to prison, but you’ve now tarnished the whole damn process for actual victims.

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order viagra uk Zolkowski received her sentence this past week from last summer’s going-ons. She received 45-days in jail, with another couple hundred suspended, and two years probation. Also a bunch of drug and alcohol counseling, and some other classes where they tell you that getting wasted and coming up with idiotic plans to get your money back from college is never going to work out well. Goodbye, Mary. Until we meet again.