Mary Fletcher Slept With Three Members of the Mount Shasta High School Football Team

enter site If you were looking for a conclusive sign that the California drought was over, 42-year old Mary Fletcher, a dental assistant from Siskiyou County in Northern California, stands accused of bedding three members of the nearby Mount Shasta High School football team. In the actual arrest warrant Fletcher was charged with four counts of unlawful sexual intercourse. Hmm, three boys, four counts. Somebody double dipped. Yes, this is the time for humor.

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generic cialis next day shipping It’s unclear what Fletcher’s formal relationship was with the football team and the players who knew her as “Debbie”. Solid alias. Though it’s noted she met the team through a relationship she had with a photographer who worked with the team. That Debbie, always helping out.

Mary Fletcher may well have fit your crowns. Will she know mercy for her prurient sins?

farmacia online viagra generico a Milano According to reports, the high school itself was unaware of the sexual interludes between Fletcher and the boys on the team. District Attorney Kirk Andrus claims there is evidence that Fletcher coordinated with the male victims slash sex partners to keep it their little secret. That’s usually an additional criminal charge, though it’s also normal human behavior.

informazioni viagra generico 200 mg a Bologna I have spoken with some of the victims… and ya know, these cases are always challenging. I mean especially for a young person that are by definition not prepared for this kind of relationship. Relationship is probably the wrong word but they’re not prepared for this kind of interaction with an adult.

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prednisone tab 5 mg Now would be the right time for the discussion as to whether adults in positions of authority particularly overstate the psychological damage done to high school linebackers when the local 40-something hot blond floozy seduces them back at her apartment. Inappropriate for sure. Devastating? Seems overblown. You’d have to look at the level of coercion and any lingering affects such as diseases, pregnancies, or parking tickets with your crappy high school car blowing way past the meter outside “Debbie’s” pad.

Mary Fletcher clearly was not a shy woman. Shoot for the moon, cougar. D.A. Andrus was quick to point out that Fletcher’s rather low bail of ten grand was non-gender dependent and would have been the same for a male accused of the same crimes. That does seem rather lower, bonding out for a grand. Because Fletcher is not a teacher and merely a supremely horny and bad decision making dental tech, she won’t stand for those special teacher-student charges. This one will be very interesting to follow.

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