Dr. Phil ruins everything. The next time he calls you and says he wants to help you out of your current situation by explaining your side on his television show, just take a meat cleaver to three of your fingers instead and call it a draw. Less time spent in the makeup chair.

Iowa substitute teacher Mary Beth Haglin already in deep-doo for pushing the envelope with one of her seventeen year old high school students a couple or a couple hundred times in the back or her car, now faces amended and heavier sex crime charges from prosecutors following her interview on the Dr. Phil program. Egged on by Dr. Phil and his show producers, the defendant in an ongoing criminal case screwed herself further into the ground:


…after the Dr. Phil interview aired, prosecutors amended their criminal complaint to include a more serious charge — sexual exploitation – which could land the pole dancer behind bars for five years, the Daily Star reported.

Now working as a stripper to make ends meet, and also because she bangs underaged boys, so why not, Haglin is now looking at hard time sex offender status. This would be the time for adults to step in and respectfully declare that what she did really wasn’t a crime and mounting a horny seventeen year old who came onto her repeatedly in word and letter and deed isn’t worthy of ruining a woman’s life. She could also plead ignorance. Not of the law, that’s not allowed. Simply, ignorance.

Let us not rush to judgement on attractive screwy female teachers who have little impulse control in regard to their sexual expressions.